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App Liaison Inc - The Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform for Mobile, Cloud and Web

AI first, Cloud first, Mobile first

Accelerate App Development

Unlock the true potential of your industry with cutting-edge AI and ML-Ops solutions.

AI and ML Development

We develop and integrate generative AI solutions into your enterprise applications

AppLiaison Model Hub

Deploy and consume APIs of your favorite ML models using OffsideAI Model Hub

AppLiaison Vision APIs

OffsideAI Vision APIs are low latency and highly scalable APIs for digital transformation using computer vision APIs

UI components built using Radix UI and styled with Tailwind CSS.


Authentication using NextAuth.js and middlewares.


Free and paid subscriptions using Stripe.

Platform6ix develops AI applications for enterprise use-cases

We Support Open Source

AppLiaison supports Open Source projects
The code is available on GitHub .

21 stars on GitHub